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Sign, Cardboard, Can Shelf, 1988, Dear Santa, I Like The Sprite In You
Sprite can shelf sign from 1988, featuring a Sundblom Santa drinking a can of Sprite. This is 6 by 1..
Sign, Cardboard, Can Shelf, Special Sprite and Diet Sprite
Sprite can shelf sign, Special with Sprite and Diet Sprite logos. This is 5 by 10 inches and in exce..
Sign, Cardboard, Coca-Cola, Bottle Shelf, Win Atari Prizes With Coke, 1983
Coke bottle shelf sign, Win Atari Prizes With Coke, 1983. This is 6 by 12 inches and in excellent co..
Small Paper Flag Sign, Trink Sprite
Very nice small paper flag, German or Dutch in origin, on a plastic stick. The flag measures about 5..
Sprite Book Cover, Lymon Is The Secret Of Coke
Cool Sprite book cover, new unused condition. This pictures a bottle and glass of Sprite with a Lymo..
Sprite Plastic Bottle Shelf Roll, 7 Inch
Nice Sprite plastic bottle shelf roll. This is in very good used condition. This is a roll of plasti..
Sprite Soul Train, 1988 Promotional Card
This is a one-page promotional Sprite item, the Soul Train promo from 1988. The reverse highlights t..
Sprite Syrup Cap, From Modern Syrup Containers
Very nice syrup cap from a Sprite syrup container, in very good condition. ..
Sprite Tote Bag, Lymon Is The Secret of Sprite
Sprite Tote Bag, Lymon Is The Secret of Sprite. This is used, but still a great 1970s heavy canvas b..
Table Card, 1970's Enjoy A Polar Float With Sprite
Very cool small card that was inserted into table displays in restaurants to entice you to buy a Spr..
Wax Cup, Sugar Free Sprite, 4 Ounce, Sweetheart Cup
Very nice wax cup, Sugar Free Sprite in the 4 ounce sample size.  This is in very good conditio..
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