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Book, Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola - Elizabeth Candler Graham - 1994
Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola, published in 1994 by Elizabeth Candler Graham. This is in very good ..
Booklet, 1950s Coca-Cola Booklet - Timely Tips
Very nice Coca-Cola booklet from the 1950s -- Timely Tips from Some Good Mixers. Great booklet, 12 p..
Ceramic Coaster, Coca-Cola, 8th Annual Septemberfest, E-Town KY, 1984
Very nice ceramic Coca-Cola coaster, commemorates the 8th Annual Septemberfest in Elizabethtown, KY,..
Coca-Cola KAB (Keep America Beautiful) Litter Bag
Coca-Cola Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Week litter bag, new and unused, in very good condition. ..
Diet Coke Towel,  1989 Convention
Coca-Cola hand towel with Diet Coke 89 embroidered on it. This is about 11 by 16 inches, looks like ..
Menu Cover, Coca-Cola, Forest Scene, With Square Red Wave Logo
Very nice Coca-Cola menu cover, in excellent condition.  This is blank inside, and intended to ..
Menu Covers, Pair, Coca-Cola, Red With Wave Logo
Pair of Menus, new old stock in mint condition, Wave Logo. Measures about 7 by 10.5 inches, when fol..
Pamphlet, Cooking With Coca-Cola, 1979
Very nice fold open booklet from 1979, Cooking With Coca-Cola. Lots of recipes inside, with photos. ..
Pamphlet, International Cooking With Coca-Cola, 1981
Very nice fold open booklet from 1981, International Cooking With Coca-Cola. Lots of recipes inside,..
Recipe Book, Coca-Cola Cool Recipes
Nice recipe book from 2002, lots of cool recipes using Coca-Cola.  This has 96 pages, and a com..
Trink Coca-Cola Wave Logo Plastic Bag - German
Very nice plastic bag with the German logo, Trink Coca-Cola.  This is used but still in good co..
Trink Coca-Cola Wave Logo Plastic Bag, Young Lady Waitress - German
Nice plastic bag from Germany, pictures a young lady waitress holding a tray with Cokes.  This ..
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