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1980 Coca-Cola Calendar, Olympic Design
Features the Games of the XXII Olympiad in Moscow and the XIII Winter Games in Lake Placid. Great im..
1984 Coca-Cola Calendar, Olympic Theme
One month per page, beautiful calendar. 1984. Great shots of Coke cans and bottles, very colorful. T..
1984 Coca-Cola Olympics Sticker - Large
Large Coca-Cola 1984 Olympics sticker, measuring about 5 by 12 inches. This is unused and in excelle..
1984 Olympic Coca-Cola Pin Set, 5 pins, Coca-Cola Products
Very nice 1984 Coca-Cola olympics pin set - one with the bird mascot, and one each Coke, Sprite, Tab..
1988 Coca-Cola Calendar, Olympic Year
Very nice 1988 Coca-Cola Calendar -- one page per month and features excellent photos of Olympic ath..
1988 Coca-Cola Enameled Pin - Olympics - Greece
Very nice Coca-Cola enameled pin - 1988 Olympics pin representing Greece. It is in excellent conditi..
1992 Coca-Cola Olympics Pin Set - Pharmor, Good
1992 Coca-Cola Olympics Pin Set, jointly sponsored by Pharmor. Nice set of 13 pins in a glass covere..
1996 Coca-Cola Calendar, Atlanta Olympics
Very nice 1996 Coke calendar, celebrating the 1996 Olympics. Great shots of Coke in past Olympic sce..
1996 Olympic Games Countdown Calendar, 2 Year, Pin Collecting
1996 Coca-Cola Olympic Games Countdown Calendar. This is "The Official Book of Olympic Games Pin Col..
1996 Olympic Games Pin Society Pin and Ribbon
Very nice Coca-Cola pin - 1996 Plympic Games Pin society, complete with ribbon with gold lettering f..
1996 Olympic Games Thimble Collection, Coca-Cola
Neat Coca-Cola set of 6 1996 Olympic Games thimbles, each in a different language. These are like ne..
Booklet, 1984 Coca-Cola Olympic Record Booklet - NICE
1984 LA OLympic Record booklet from Coca-Cola. This is the souvenir issue from the games and is in e..
Calendar, 1996, Atlanta Olympics
Very nice 1996 Coke calendar, celebrating the 1996 Olympics. Great shots of Coke in past Olympic sce..
Cardboard Coca-Cola Sign, Pole Mounted, 2 Sided, $1,000,000 Each Night, Olympic Winter Games, 1991
Cardboard Coca-Cola Sign, Pole Mounted, 2 Sided,$1,000,000 Each Night, Olympic Winter Games, 1991. T..
Catalog, Coca-Cola, 1984 Coke Olympic Premium Catalog
Excellent 1984 LA Olympics Catalog for Coca-Cola Premiums. There are 36 pages of pin sets, clothing,..
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