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Set of 2 Small Round Coca-Cola Christmas Tins
Very nice set of 2 Coca-Cola Holiday tins, the smaller one fits into the larger one. These are in ex..
Small Coca-Cola Tin, Mom Serving Cokes to Kids
Nice small Coca-Cola tin, a mom serving a tray of Cokes to kids.  This is about 3.5 inches roun..
Small Oval Tin, Victorian Lady, Yellow
Very nice small oval tin, probably originaaly held a sewing kit.  This pictures a Victorian lad..
Tin, Coca-Cola 6-Pack Cans, French/English
Very nice Coca-Cola tin shaped like a 6-Pack of cans. These cans have French and English logos on th..
Tin, Coca-Cola Bell Glass Shape, Very Nice, 7 Inch
Coca-Cola bell glass shaped tin. This is about 7 inches tall and is in excellent condition. ..
Tin, Coca-Cola Bell Glass Shape, Very Nice, 9 Inch
Coca-Cola bell glass shaped tin. This is about 9 inches tall and is in excellent condition, filled w..
Tin, Coca-Cola Racing Car, #1, 8 Inch
Very nice Coca-Cola tin, shaped like a race car, #1. This is in very good condition, like new. This ..
Tin, Coca-Cola, Octagonal, Santa Holding a Bottle and Tools
Very nice Coca-Cola tin, octagonal, Santa holding tools and a bottle of Coke.  This measures 4...
Tin, Coca-Cola, Round, Maroon Background with Victorian Ladies, 7.5 Inches Tall
Very nice round Coca-Cola tin, Victorian ladies with a maroon background.  This has a couple mi..
Tin, Coca-Cola, Santa In A Chair With Elves, 7.25 Inches Diameter
Very nice Coca-Cola tin, round with Santa in a chair with elves.  This is 7.25 inches in diamet..
Tin, Small Coca-Cola Handled, Christmas
Nice Coca-Cola handled tin, with Christmas scenes on all sides. This is about 4 by 5 by 6.5 inches t..
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